Necessary Forms

Every form that is needed to complete your camp registration is available below for download. Begin with the checklist to ensure all components are taken care of before camp begins. It is essential to look at our brochure, as it outlines every important date and all the rules associated with registration.


View this brochure for an overview of the summer camp. Rules and our daily routine are listed in this brochure. The application process is outlined, along with payment information.


This will be the first form that must be submitted. It can be mailed or submitted in person at our office. Payment must be submitted at the time of application. If your child has not been accepted into our camp, or all the necessary forms have not been submitted, your child will not be registered and the payment will be refunded.


*Once your child has been registered, there will be no refunds.





8.30AM - 3.00 PM



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